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Our easy-to-use tools help creators build their audience and grow their business. See if our free or paid plan is right for you!


Free Forever

Start creating the best version of yourself online today. At the very low price of free.

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Your own link
Full control over how you customize your website
Add unlimited links
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$10 a Month

Take things to the next level. Build your audience and own the internet. Your time is now.

Go Pro
Host your website at a custom domain
Extra blocks
Up to 3 extra pages
Marketing integrations (SEO, ad pixels)
We take 0% commission on any of your sales
Advanced analytics
Remove Beacons branding

The Beacons Platform

Beacons is an all-in-one business platform for creators’ business needs so they can focus on creating content. We offer a cohesive set of tools that work together to help you through your creator journey and increase your opportunities to make money. We have the best features to help you start building and monetizing your audience from day one.

Customize your page
Customizable backgrounds
Customizable buttons
Over 1000+ font choices
Additional Pages (2)
Customize your links
Add unlimited links to your Beacons page
Smart links
Add link thumbnails
Animated links
Add your content
Friends block
Video blocks
Music blocks
Embed your latest tweets
Add sensitive content warnings to your content
Custom terms & conditions
Make money with Beacons
Shoppable TikTok feed
A digital store
Take Requests
Accept donations
9% commission rate
Track your page views
Track your link clicks and click through rates
View historical charts of all your analytics
Help & Support
Email and In-App support
Entrepreneur Extras
Your own custom domain (+favicon, ssl certificate)
Extra blocks + extra Page tabs (5)
Email/SMS integration with zapier
We take 0% commission on any of your sales
Automatically pull your latest youtube video with Youtube Autopilot integration
Team Access (allow others to manage your account)
Priority support
Remove Beacons Branding

Why Creators Choose Beacons

Creators choose Beacons because we design tools with creators like you in mind. Our tools can provide the building blocks for creator monetization or help established influencers take their business to the next level. Our free plan offers the perfect starting point for you to access the features and functionally to create a mobile site that’s highly customizable, professional-looking, and designed to help you monetize.

A Suite of Tools for Creators Who Want to Grow

Our suite of tools works together to help you grow your business while giving you more time back to be creative:

Help with Creation of eCommerce Website

Having a way to sell your products or services online is very important, and creating a quality eCommerce website can help with this part of your business. Beacons helps you start making more money right away because our website builder makes it really easy to customize every aspect of your page to fit your needs. Unlike other website builders, you can even start to create your website today with just your phone. A quality mobile site can help you sell merchandise, highlight your content and services, promote events, and more.

Get Improved Analytics

If you want to start to build your brand and social media presence on TikTok or Instagram, having accurate and current data about your performance will always be important to make informed decisions. By using Beacons, our tools for creators will allow you to create an Instagram link in bio or TikTok link in bio, which will help to encourage followers to visit your website. You will then have access to various analytic tools that will help you identify which videos are attracting visitors, which can help you make better decisions about content creation moving forward.

Invoicing Tools

As you continue to build your online presence through TikTok, Instagram, or other social media sites, you may eventually want to start doing brand deals, which could help you monetize each post you create. When working with brands, you'll need to put your best foot forward and show that you're organized! The use of Beacons’s invoicing tools for creators allows you to create a professional invoice in a few clicks, track payments, and get paid faster.

Media Kit

If you’re hoping to secure brand deals, you'll need to show your successes with a strong following and engagement. Our media kit creation tool allows you to build a digital resume that automatically includes all of your most important information for brands. These kits will provide you with a beautiful and professional way to share your data. This will help you pitch yourself to brands and negotiate bigger brand deals.

Which Plan Is Right for Me?

We offer two plans: our Creator Plan and our Entrepreneur plan.

You can use our creator tools for free forever. With our free tools, you can build your own mobile site, create a shoppable TikTok feed, get insights into your analytics, and, most importantly, level up your monetization. 

If you're looking for more advanced marketing features, the Entrepreneur plan is $10/month and offers integration with social media, advanced analytics, your own domain name, greater customizations, and no Beacons commissions or branding.


How much does Beacons cost?

Beacons offers both a Free Forever "Creator Plan" and a Paid $10/Month "Entrepreneur Plan". You can start with the Creator Plan, and upgrade to the paid Entrepreneur Plan at anytime for just $10 a month.

Is Beacons for me?

In today's digital world, we believe everyone can be a creator. Whether you are a musican, artist, vlogger, Stonk Trader or anything else, anyone is a creator in todays crazy world. While Beacons is for everyone, our product features are built around the following goals:

1. Giving you a single link to connect your fans with all of your content.

2. Helping you grow & interact with your audience

3. Helping you monetize your audience

If you are trying to achieve any of the 3 goals above, have a cause or interest you want to share with the world, or, if you just want your own personalized place on the web - Beacons is for you! The best part is, Beacons is totally FREE to use and you still get tons of awesome customization options.

How do I make money on Beacons?

There are multiple ways to make money from your Becons page, currently Beacons has 5 dedicated block types that enable monetization directly through your Beacons page!

Donation Block
The easiest way to make money from your Beacons page is by adding a Donation Block to your page, this allows anyone who visits your Beacons page to send you a donation to your PayPal or Stripe account, the best part is Beacons does not charge any fees for this!

Request Block
The Requests block is another great way for you as a creator to make money on Beacons. Your fans can request a variety of actions from you such as, Feedback or Coaching, Q&A sessions, TikTok Duets, 1:1 Video chats and so much more. The sky is the limit with what you allow your fans to request!

Store Block
The 3rd way to monetize your Beacons page is something you are probably already familiar with, E-commerce. Our Store Front block allows you to easily list and sell digital goods from your Beacons page such as E-Books, PDFs, audio files, and any other digitial goods.

TikTok Shopping Block
Your favorite TikTok vidoes can now be used to sell your favorite products and clothes. Simply upload your TikTok video, tag the items you want to sell and you're ready to go! Check out Beacons creators who are already using TikTok shopping on their pages here.

Appointments Block
The Final way to earn money from your Beacons page is the Appointments Block. You can easily monetize your most valuable asset now, your time. With integration support for calendly, you can set meetings with your community for any amount of time and price!

What makes Beacons unique?

There are lots of ways to create a website on the web. But no other website builder offers the ease of setup, powerful functionality, and personalization features that Beacons does - all for free! With Beacons, you do not need to hire anyone to create your website, spend dozens of hours getting it to work, or worry about your fans ability to get to the content they want.

How long does it take to set up a Beacons Page?

Page creation can be done in under 2 minutes, and you can start sharing your link wherever you are online!

Do Beacons tools for content creators help drive traffic to your website?

Yes, Beacons tools can help you drive traffic to your website. With our highly customizable, mobile-friendly site builder, you can create landing pages that direct your audience to your site and any other platforms you’d like more traffic to. With a Beacons link in your bio, your followers will be able to easily find your site and make purchases directly from you with a single click.