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Combine Link in Bio Pro, Email Marketing Pro, and Store Pro to get the best of Beacons, bundled together.

Link in Bio Pro

Claim a custom domain and remove Beacons branding. Own your online identity.

Store Pro

Monetize your traffic. Make the most of every sale with 0% transaction fees.

Email Marketing Pro

Import your own subscriber list. Promote content and products directly to all your fans.

Pick a plan to grow your creator business

One place to connect your fans with all of your content.
Free forever. Upgrade anytime.
What's included:
Fully customizable link in bio page
Unlimited links
Collect fans’ contact info
Sell digital products with 1-tap checkout
Import products to sell from other platforms
Traffic analytics
Send emails to fans
Access to full Beacons suite of 14 tools for creators
Marketing Bundle
Turn your Link in Bio into a sales and marketing engine.
Level up risk free. Cancel anytime.
Combine the power of Link in Bio Pro, Email Marketing Pro, and Store Pro.

Includes everything in free, plus:
Custom domain for your Link in Bio with domain fees waived for the first year
0% transaction fees on all Store sales
Import your own email list
Remove Beacons branding
Custom site marketing, including UTMs, SSL certification, and SEO meta data
Powerful features and support for creators ready to monetize on a larger scale.
Starting at
Learn more by reaching out to our team.
Everything in marketing bundle, plus:
Expert advisor to set up your link in bio page, emails, and store items
Priority support
Physical NFC business card (US and Canada only)

Best of Beacons.
Bundled Together.

Combine Link in Bio Pro, Email Marketing Pro, and Store Pro to own your fan relationships and monetize your traffic.

Link in Bio Pro

Own your online identity. Go Pro to claim a custom domain and remove Beacons branding.

Store Pro

Monetize your traffic. Make the most of every sale with 0% transaction fees.

Email Marketing Pro

Promote content and products directly to all of your fans.

Or, just upgrade for one

Link in Bio Pro
Unlimited links
Animated links
Add thumbnails and icons to links
Smart link redirect to another URL
Schedule links to become clickable
Schedule links to go live and disappear
Custom profile picture and bio
Custom or stock background images and videos
Fully customizable link, button, and font styles
Embed music, videos, GIFs and more
Up to two sub-pages
Create private, unlisted pages
Mobile-friendly builder
Sell digital products from your page
Sell appointments
Collect tips and donations
Connect third-party storefronts
Build your email list
Add fans to your community
Individual link analytics
Referral analytics
Connect all social platforms
Display auto-updating follower counts
QR code sharing
Add to Apple Wallet
Mailchimp integration
Substack integration
Zapier integration
Add multiple admins or sub-accounts
Support access and help center
Custom domain (
Remove Beacons branding
Unlimited sub-pages
UTMs, SEO meta data, Facebook and TikTok pixels
Expert onboarding to build your pages
Priority support with 1:1 calls
Physical NFC business card (US and Canada only)
Store Pro
Get started
Sell any digital product
Sell appointments
One click checkout
Offer $0 items
Allow customer to pay what they want
Create coupons and discount codes
Display discounts on items
Link to Store from anywhere (
Fully customizable product pages
Custom pre-sale info collection fields
Custom post-sales info collection form
Automatic post-purchase emails
Collect and display product reviews
Collect customer inquiries and feedback
Market and sell through email
Earnings dashboard and sales analytics
Unlimited sales
0% transaction fees
Remove Beacons branding from Store
Priority support
Expert Store setup with our team
Physical NFC business card (US and Canada only)
Email Marketing Pro
Get started
Create emails for new products, content, events, and more
Set up an automatic welcome email
Create automatic email sequences based on subscriber activity
Dynamic custom grouping for your subscribers
Directly link to digital products for sale
Offer free downloads and lead magnets
Schedule emails for a date and time
Expert-designed templates
Drag and drop in-line editor
Rich text editor
Custom colors and fonts
Embed videos
Add custom links or groups of links
Add stylized CTA buttons
Add links to social platforms
Comprehensive email analytics
Link tracking for multiple links in email
Send test emails
Upload your own email list
Priority support
Expert email setup with our team
Physical NFC business card (US and Canada only)
Media Kit Pro
Get started
Weekly auto-updating stats
Display auto-updating follower counts
Fully customizable Media Kit design
Show off past brand deals and projects
Display past partner brand logos
Add a personalized video pitch
Link to articles, publications, or personal website
Set up a custom rate card
Customizable contact form
Beacons data verification
Add to Apple Wallet
Shareable link
Export Media Kit to PDF
Advanced gating and privacy settings
Daily auto-updating stats
Custom Media Kit domain (
Remove Beacons branding
Priority support
Expert Media Kit setup with our team
Physical NFC business card (US and Canada only)

Frequently asked questions

How much does Beacons cost?

All of our apps are free forever! You can upgrade specific apps to get access to pro features. Link in Bio Pro, Media Kit Pro, and Store Pro can be unlocked for $10/month per app.

Is Beacons for me?

In today's digital world, we believe everyone can be a creator. Whether you are a musican, artist, vlogger, Stonk Trader or anything else, anyone is a creator in todays crazy world. While Beacons is for everyone, our product features are built around the following goals:

1. Giving you a single link to connect your fans with all of your content.

2. Helping you grow & interact with your audience

3. Helping you monetize your audience

If you are trying to achieve any of the 3 goals above, have a cause or interest you want to share with the world, or, if you just want your own personalized place on the web - Beacons is for you! The best part is, Beacons is totally FREE to use and you still get tons of awesome customization options.

How do I make money on Beacons?

There are multiple ways to make money with Beacons! With our Link in Bio app, we dedicate block types that enable monetization directly through your Beacons page!

Support Block, Fan Request Block, Store Block, TikTok Shopping Block, Appointments Block

We also have our Store App that allows you to sell your digital products—including ebooks, guides, files, and PDFS—directly to your fans right from your Beacons page with your Beacons storefront. Link directly to your products from anywhere on the web and take fans straight to your store.

What makes Beacons unique?

Beacons is an all-in-one platform that provides you with all the tools you need to run a smarter creator business in a single place. Here you’ll find tools for everything! We’ve grouped our apps into three categories to help you with different areas of your creator business: “Engage Your Audience” to share your content and grow fan engagement, “Get Brand Deals” to manage brand deals and partnerships, including outreach and pitching, and “Run Your Business” to track your income and get organized for tax season.

The best part is that you can use all of these apps on their own or together—they all integrate with each other so you can easily build a workflow that makes sense for you and learn from your own data.

How long does it take to set up a Beacons Page?

Page creation can be done in under 2 minutes, and you can start sharing your link wherever you are online!

Do Beacons tools for content creators help drive traffic to your website?

Yes, Beacons tools can help you drive traffic to your website. With our highly customizable, mobile-friendly site builder, you can create landing pages that direct your audience to your site and any other platforms you’d like more traffic to. With a Beacons link in your bio, your followers will be able to easily find your site and make purchases directly from you with a single click. 

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