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What is it?

AI-powered brand outreach to unlock next-level productivity

Say goodbye to self-doubt, wasted time, and sending emails into the abyss. Our new AI Brand Outreach tool creates you personalized, professional emails in seconds that are ready for you to send. This AI tool creates the perfect pitch based on information about the brand you're pitching to, the tone you want to use (witty, serious, etc.), your information as a creator that Beacons already has. It's not too good to be true—it's here. Experience the magic today.

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How can you use it?
⚡️ Generate outreach in seconds
🖊️ Customize your email
🎓 Get expert guidance
👯 Make every email personal
🚀 Copy and send directly
Efficient outreach
This powerful AI generates high-quality outreach emails—designed for conversion—in only a few seconds.
Brand customization
Customize your outreach to any brand you want to pitch, with our extensive database of millions of brands.
Personalized voice
Easily personalize every email with your unique tone, and include information about your creator business that Beacons already has.
Edit directly
Further customize or edit the outreach email from within the Beacons dashboard before you shoot it off.
Copy or send
Copy or send the email outreach directly from the Beacons platform to get your dream brand deal started.
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How do I use AI Brand Outreach?

Fill in the brand you want to work with and choose how you want your outreach email to sound. Our AI-powered tool will generate a pitch email including the brand's information and your own bio in the tone you chose. Edit directly in-app and shoot it off to your dream brand!

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