Connect with your audience directly

Jessica Li
Chief of Staff
Looking to connect with your audience more directly? We've built the perfect solution.

With the new email blasts feature, you can copy all the email addresses in your dashboard. In one click, you can get the email addresses of your Beacons community members, supporters, customers, and everyone else who has left their contact information on your page. ❤️

At Beacons, we want creator to truly own their audiences, which means we want to empower creators with tools that let them export their audience from Beacons to other communication platforms to better connect with their audience. Email blasts are a key part of our work toward this goal. 👯

Through the email blasts feature, Beacons creators can more directly message their Beacons audiences in one click. 💻

To try out the email blasts feature,

  • Navigate to your profile, then audience
  • And just click "send email" to reach your full audience and start building your relationship with them!

Found a cool use case for email blasts? We'd love to hear - tag us on Twitter or Instagram

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