What is Vidcon? | 2023 Recap and Guide for 2024

Ben Woytowich
Customer Success Lead
The ultimate guide to VidCon 2024

What is Vidcon?

Vidcon is an annual convention where digital creators, their fellow fans, and industry leaders come together in real life, in real time. Creators, brands and fans gather in cities all over the world for Vidcon.  VidCon had its annual VidCon event in Anaheim California in 2023.

Why has VidCon become popular with Creators?

Vidcon offers some of the best networking opportunities to connect with fellow creators, industry professionals and fans.  There are a wide variety of events throughout Vidcon in the expo halls, as well as many organic grassroots meetups with creators and fans.  Vidcon offers educational resources with a range of panels, workshops and presentations covering the most important topics for creators such as; monetization methods, filming best practices, platform insights and audience management.

History of VidCon

Origins of VidCon and its founders

Vidcon can be traced back to the roots of two veteran YouTube creators John and Hank Green.  In 2009, Hank Green known for his educational Youtube channel "VlogBrothers" and his brother John Green, acclaimed author and blogger came up with the idea of creating a conference dedicated to growing the online video community.

In July 2010, the first Vidcon took place in Los Angeles, California marking the beginning of what would soon become a key event within the digital media events calendar.  The first Vidcon attracted a modest sized crowd with passionate creators eager to connect and learn in real life.  VidCon today attracts over 55,000 attendees annually.

founders of VidCon
founders of VidCon, John and Hank Green

Evolution of VidCon over the years

Over the years as Vidcon has gained momentum and popularity, it has expanded its offerings to accommodate the growing demand from the digital creator community.  Subsequent editions of VidCon saw an increase in attendance, as well as the addition of industry panels, creator workshops and live performances. Every year Vidcon continues to evolve and innovate, signaling its status as a premier event for online creators, fans and industry professionals to gather.

Global Reach

Over the years, Vidcon has spread its reach past the Anaheim convention center to international destinations as well.  Abu Dhabi, Mexico City, Melbourne Australia, and London have all hosted VidCon conferences in previous years.  These international VidCon events provide creators around the globe with an opportunity to experience the magic of Vidcon in their own country.

What Happens at VidCon?

VidCon features a wide range of activities, events, and opportunities.  There are 3 main tracks during VidCon, the community track, creator track, and industry track.  Each track caters to a specific audience with different topics, workshops and networking offered during Vidcon.

VidCon Tracks

The community track is for fans of digital content, the creators at VidCon and social media culture.  Vidcon has hosted some of the biggest name creators like Khaby Lame and Mr. Beast.  Community track members can have the opportunity to meet creators like them, collect swag, attend live shows, and join Q&A's.

VidCon attendees
VidCon attendees

The creator track brings together creator experts and those who are starting out on their creator journey.  This track offers sessions on best practices for content creation, mentorship matchmaking to learn from your favorite creators, and panels with industry leaders.  If you are an aspiring creator looking to get started, or a small creator looking to grow your channel, this is the track for you.

VidCon's industry track is where top creator economy experts come together to develop innovative strategies, share ideas and shape the future of digital content and the creator economy.  Industry track sessions include networking opportunities to find leads, connect with industry leaders, learn about the upcoming forces shaping the creator economy, and explore new technologies in the expo hall.

VidCon presentation
VidCon presentation

Live Performances and Entertainment

While VidCon is full of educational opportunities and working sessions, there is a great deal of fun to be had as well.  Many top social media platforms such as Meta, SnapChat, YouTube and TikTok setup lounges for VIP guests in the nearby Hyatt Regency.  VidCon also has live performances, food trucks, and entertainment showcasing the talents of creators in the community.

Why is Everyone Talking About VidCon?

VidCon has become a popular topic of conversation in recent years, drawing massive attention for its approach to celebrating online video culture. From creators to fans and industry insiders, the growing popularity of VidCon can be attributed to its unique ability to bring together a diverse community within the creator economy. By providing a platform for creators to showcase their talents, engage with their audience, and connect with industry professionals, VidCon has emerged as a must-attend event for anyone passionate about online video.

The growth of VidCon reflects the increasing significance of content creators shaping  media  consumption. With the rise of platforms like YouTube, Instagram, TikTok, and Twitch, content creation has become a dominant force in entertainment, education, and culture.

our team at VidCon
Our team at VidCon

VidCon is the most well known creator economy event of the year.  From its humble beginnings in 2010, VidCon has transformed into a global phenomenon, bringing together, creators, fans and industry titans around the world to celebrate digital video content.

As VidCon continues to expand its reach and influence, its impact on the creator economy only grows stronger. With its emphasis on education, networking, and entertainment, VidCon serves as a catalyst for creativity, collaboration, and innovation within the creator economy.


  • When is VidCon 2024? - VidCon 2024 is talking place at the Anaheim Convention Center from June 26th - June 29th.
  • What creators will be at VidCon this year? - Featured creators for VidCon 2024 can be found here
  • How much do VidCon tickets cost? - Tickets range in price from $145 for community track to $849 for industry track.

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