What is a Digital Product I Can Sell in My Niche?

Kaitlin Macholz
Product Marketing
The top-selling products for your niche

Are you ready to level up your online business game and start making some serious money? Of course you are—that’s why you’re here! So what is a digital product, and why should all creators sell at least one?

At Beacons, we have been working with creators for years to understand how they monetize their content creation and build businesses. In this time we've seen that selling digital products is quickly growing trend for content creators that is actually a smart and sustainable business strategy.

We’re going to cover the top digital products for each creator niche, with best practice examples for each, so that by the end of this guide you feel confident in the digital products that are a perfect fit for your brand (and you can set them up in your creator store today).

What is a digital product and why should every creator sell one?

Digital products are a great option for creators to build a new income stream quickly because these are products that you can upload to a creator store in minutes and fans can download immediately.

Simply put, selling digital products online is one of the easiest and quickest ways to monetize your content by selling directly to your fans.

In fact, there are huge benefits of selling digital products instead of physical products:

  • Digital products are easier and cheaper to produce and distribute—they’re nearly infinitely scalable. There are no packaging, fulfillment, or shipping costs to worry about!
  • Digital products are immediately accessible. Nothing is faster than an immediate digital download, so you can provide instant gratification to your buyers.
  • Digital products often align with creators’ skillsets in the digital realm. For example, creators by definition are skilled at creating digital content, which often translates to eBooks, images, videos, music, templates, or guides that they can sell.

There are lots of options for digital products to sell. But don’t worry about feeling stuck or overwhelmed.

Grab a cup of coffee and get comfortable—let’s dive into the world of digital product creation and figure out which products are right for you!

Top digital products for business creators

Calling all business creators—it’s time to turn your expertise into income. Here are some of the most popular digital products our top business creators are selling on Beacons to inspire you.

Resume and cover letter templates

Creator @rareliquid uses his first-hand knowledge from recruiting and interviewing in a competitive industry to create templates that buyers can use to be more successful in their own job applications.

Resume and cover letter templates in a Beacons Store
Source: @rareliquid
Resume Template product page on Beacons Store
Source: @rareliquid

Why these products work:

  • Actionable resources for buyers
  • Can be delivered in different file types (PDFs, Word documents, etc.)

Industry guides and eBooks

Creator @afzalhussein leverages his professional finance background to create career guides aimed at students and graduates.

eBooks for sale on a Beacons Store
Source: @afzalhussein
eBook product page on a Beacons Store
Source: @afzalhussein

Why these products work:

  • Can be however long (or short) you want
  • Efficient scaling—make once and sell forever

Content ideas

Since creator @malepv helps others become digital and creative entrepreneurs, a list of content ideas is a product that perfectly aligns with the interests of her audience.

Content idea list for sale on a Beacons Store
Source: @malepv
Product page for a content idea list sold on a Beacons Store
Source: @malepv

Why these products work:

  • You can continuously update and release new versions
  • You can repurpose notes and lists you already make for yourself

Coaching calls

Creator @adsensei offers high-ticket consultation sessions in which he can monetize his time by offering 1:1 expert advice.

Carousel of consultation sessions available on a Beacons Store
Source: @adsensei
Facebook Ad consultation session product page on a Beacons Store
Source: @adsensei

Why these products work:

  • Higher priced because you charge for your time
  • 1:1 relationship building

Feeling inspired to make money moves? Start your setup here!

Top digital products for fitness creators

Listen up, fitness creators! In addition to sharing your tips in your content on your social platforms, you can earn money by selling more comprehensive or exclusive content in the form of digital products. Here are some popular ideas to inspire you.


Creator @badpeachfitness sells an eBook with nutrition information—but fitness creators can create eBooks about anything, from educational resources to workout training programs.

Nutrition eBook for sale on a Beacons Store
Source: @badpeachfitness
Product page for Nutrition eBook on a Beacons Store
Source: @badpeachfitness

Why this product works:

  • eBooks can an be a combination of guides, FAQs, calendars, schedules, tips, educational materials, and more
  • Turns followers into true community members and evangelists

Meal plans

Creators like @jakeobrien can monetize their nutrition and lifestyle advice by selling a downloadable meal plan as a PDF or eBook.

Meal plan for sale on a fitness creator's Beacons Store
Source: @jakeobrien
Meal plan product page on a Beacons Store
Source: @jakeobrien

Why these products work:

  • Can include images, recipes, weekly plans, and grocery lists
  • 7-day to 21-days in length are most popular

Video tutorials

Create workout guides in video formats, like creator @korinneportley—it’s the perfect medium for fitness content and helps your fans get high-quality instruction.

Product page for Video Workout Guide
Source: @korinneportley

Why these products work:

  • Easy to share and promote clips on your social platforms
  • Provide maximum value to your loyal fans

Coaching calls

In addition to selling products, creator @korinneportley also offers 1:1 fitness and nutrition coaching that allows her to monetize her time.

List of fitness coaching calls available to book on a Beacons Store
Source: @korinneportley

Why these products work:

  • Large business opportunity to scale up your pricing
  • Learn and improve with real-time feedback from clients

No matter what kind of fitness or nutrition content you create, you can get started selling these popular digital products today to turn your content creation into a viable and scalable business.

Top digital products for artist creators

Artist creators are primed for successful online selling. Many artists already create work that translates well to digital products. Here are some top-selling product ideas from artist creators to get you started.

Digital prints

Art director and creator @_elsonlee sells digital prints with a call to action to download the work right from the link in bio page.

Carousel of digital prints available for sale in a Beacons Store
Source: @_elsonlee
Product page for digital print in a Beacons Store
Source: @_elsonlee

Why this product works:

  • Gives fans immediate access to your artwork
  • Gives you, as the artist, full control over how and what you sell

Instructional guides

Creator @cuforming sells a guide or “recipe” for creating their signature conductive paint that they use in their own electroformed pieces.

Paint recipe for sale on a Beacons Store
Source: @cuforming
Product page for paint recipe on a Beacons Store
Source: @cuforming

Why this product works:

  • Position yourself as an educational resource and teacher
  • Monetize your personal guides and processes

Photo presets

Creator @heykeeg (Keegan Robin) is a photographer who sells Adobe Lightroom presets that fans can use to edit their own photos in his style. He has made his presents even more personalized and branded to be specifically for pet photography—or what he calls “Phodography.”

Adobe Lightoom Presets fo
Source: @heykeeg
Product page for Adobe Lightroom Presets
Source: @heykeeg

Why this product works:

  • Fans of your photography style will be excited to edit their photos in the same style as yours
  • You can validate the quality of the presets through your own work to make buyers feel confident in the product they are purchasing

Selling digital products as an artist creators is a great way to draw attention to your new work and generate income from your dedicated fans. It’s easy to get started setting up and selling these digital products today!

Top digital products for personal finance creators

As a creator that advises followers on personal finance best practices, you have great opportunities to sell products that make your advice templetized and actionable.

Budgeting template

Creator @taylormitchell sells a budgeting template that helps fans easily organize their budget with pre-filled categories. However, by offering this product as a Google Sheet, there is flexibility for each buyer to edit and make it highly customized and relevant to their own monthly budgeting needs.

Templates for sale in a personal finance creator's Beacons Store
Source: @taylormitchell
Source: @taylormitchell

Why this product works:

  • You can sell these templates as Google Sheets or Notion documents to allow buyers to futher customize them to their own needs
  • Opportunities to create and sell several different kinds of budgeting templates for different purposes (e.g. saving for a vacation, budgeting for buying a home, budgeting with a family or partner, etc.)

Finance tracker

Beyond just budgeting, fans may be interested in more advanced templates that help them track income and expenses to reach their financial goals. Creator @taylormitchell also sells a separate finance tracker for this exact purpose.

Source: @taylormitchell

Why this product works:

  • These products become essential in buyers’ daily and weekly routines
  • Opportunities to upsell and cross-sell with new and updated versions of the template

Templates are some of the most useful products that personal finance creators can offer their fans because it aligns so directly their their content. However, you can get as creative as you want with what kinds of templates you sell by creating templates for different purposes, different personas, and even different times of the year.

Whatever you start with, you can get your store set up quickly and easily today!

Top digital products for spirituality and wellness creators

Tap into your inner creativity, share your gifts with fans, and support your own business journey. Get inspired by the top selling products for spirituality and wellness creators—then set up your own!

Journal prompts

Creator @theglowupsecrets sells a set of journal prompts in her online store that help guide fans in their process for introspection.

Journal prompts sold on a creator's Beacons Store
Source: @theglowupsecrets
Product page for Inner Child Journal Prompts sold on a Beacons Store
Source: @theglowupsecrets

Why this product works:

  • Easily create and sell as a PDF
  • Opportunity to upsell to additional/supplemental sets of prompts

Guides and eBooks

Creator @lauren_bulloch sells several guides at different price points, all featuring different content related to her interest in wellness, goal-setting, and routine-building.

Workbook sold on a Beacons Store
Source: @lauren_bulloch
Product page for a workbook sold on a Beacons Store
Source: @lauren_bulloch

Why this product works:

  • Endless opportunities for content topics—create guides for meditation schedules, goal worksheets, daily mantras, wellness routines, mental health guides, etc.
  • Create different length guides for different prices for buyers with different budgets

1:1 sessions and readings

Psychic medium and creator @ermisees allows fans to book live readings of different types, and charges different prices for each kind of reading.

For anyone asking, "what is a digital product that any creator can sell?" 1:1 appointments like this creator's live reading appointments are a great option.
Source: @ermisees

Why this product works:

  • Enables you to monetize your time
  • Build relationships and offer more personalized services to fans

Selling best practices for every creator

No matter what you’re selling, there are a few best practices to help you drive more fan engagement and sales:

  • Offer a free product to capture leads and build your email subscriber list
  • List your items for sale on your link in bio along with your affiliate links (we recommend limiting to 1-2 affiliate links)
  • Offer multiple items at different price points to cater to buyers with different budgets

Additionally, make sure to choose an online store platform that makes your setup as simple and optimized as possible, like Beacons Store. The Beacons Store is built with all of the best practices of top sellers in mind and makes it super easy to:

  • Link directly to your digital items from anywhere on the web
  • Include reviews on your product pages to build social proof and trust
  • Offer discounts on items to incentivize sales

Beacons Store is specifically designed to help every creator be a successful online seller. What are you waiting for? Get set up and make your first sale today!

Want 1:1 onboarding to set up your store with an expert from our team? Schedule a free call here—we're here to help!

Kaitlin Macholz
Kaitlin is the Head of Marketing at Beacons, the all-in-one creator business platform. She has several years of experience working in marketing and startups, and has written for notable startup thought leaders and CEOs on business trends and strategy. She's passionate about helping creators and in her spare time creates her own content about baking and about her cat, Pixie. Follow her on Instagram and TikTok @ kaitlin.macholz
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