How to Use a Link in Bio Page to Transform Clicks into Powerful Connections

Jessica Li
Chief of Staff
Own and grow your audience with a .bio domain that's unique to you.

As a creator, the places to post and share content are virtually endless between podcasts, social channels, video platforms, storefronts, and more. You have the content covered, but you need the right tools to centralize, evangelize, and monetize your online presence.

To engage and grow followers across an expanding network of platforms, you need a simple way for your fans to find all of your top content from across the internet in one place. 

There are two tools that get your content in front of fans and bring your brand to life— a Link in Bio page and a customized .bio domain

Beacons takes a traditional Link in Bio page one step further by offering custom domains. With .bio in the domain, there’s no mistaking who your link is for. You can showcase your brand with one concise link that’s instantly recognizable to followers and potential partners. Plus, you can easily build your creator store, score brand deals, own and grow your audience with a .bio domain that’s unique to you.

Building your .bio landing page will allow you to:

  • Increase engagement: Centralize and highlight your monetizable content in one hub. Drive clicks, connections, and own your audience.
  • Be memorable: Own a domain that is clear, concise, and easy to remember. Land more sponsorship deals with a professional brand.
  • Boost visibility: Build your Link in Bio on an SEO-friendly domain, increasing your organic reach and getting many more views on your content.

Here’s how creators like you claimed their custom .bio domain and built a tailored Link in Bio to boost their brand. 

Jon Youshaei: Powerful and customizable

“What if your Link in Bio did more than just redirect fans to another social channel or your online store? What if it was a central place to connect all of your existing channels, content, products — in a way that’s totally customizable to you from domain to website design?,” creator Jon Youshaei asked.

According to Jon, that’s where Beacons comes in.

With a clear and concise domain that ends in .bio it’s easy to find your site and engage with your content.

“It’s one of the most powerful Link in Bio tools and it’s personally what I’ve been using,” Jon said.

Jon uses a .bio page to host his top YouTube videos and contact information

“It looks amazing thanks to this easy to use website builder that’s completely customizable to your brand. With a clear and concise domain that ends in .bio it’s easy to find your site and engage with your content,” Jon said.

Colin and Samir: Organized and integrated

The easy to use integration and automation features are what make a Beacons .bio page a great fit for creators Colin and Samir.

“We as creators need to organize our brands and present them in a really great way,” Samir said. “It’s interactive but most importantly for me, it’s automated.

It integrates your favorite channels and media formats and automatically pulls in fresh content whether it’s a podcast, video or social post. 

We as creators need to organize our brands and present them in a really great way.

A Beacons page with a .bio domain also makes audience engagement easy. “We also have a subscription box for our newsletter which is native, it doesn’t link out which is great,” Samir said.

Coco Mocoe: Branded and professional

Beacons stands out for creator Coco Mocoe because of its .bio domain integration. “It’s customizable to every creator’s own brand,” said Coco, who used the Link in Bio tool to create 

I truly believe that a good Link in Bio is one of the biggest differentiators between creators that are able to grow their presence outside one platform.

It looks super professional for when potential brand sponsorships want to find you and reach out,” Coco said.

“I truly believe that a good Link in Bio is one of the biggest differentiators between creators that are able to grow their presence outside one platform,” Coco said. 

@cocomocoe This is the first thing you should do to grow your audience and secure brand deals! Check out the link in bio ( for inspo on your custom domain with  and @namedotcom ❤️ #BeaconsPartner #CreatorTips #InfluencerTips #HowToGrowOnTikTok ♬ original sound - Coco Mocoe

Get started

Here's how you can get started and build your own page with a custom domain today:

  1. Claim your custom domain. Choose the .bio domain that best aligns with your brand & handles across platforms.
  2. Build your Link in Bio page. Connect content channels, embed media, collect emails, sell from your page or connect to existing storefronts.
  3. Design your page to reflect YOU. Choose colors and fonts that reflect your unique brand and stylize your links blocks with headers, descriptions, images, collapsible blocks, carousels, and more. 
  4. Watch it grow. Look into your Insights to see where your fans are coming from and what they’re clicking on. Track your earnings from any monetization blocks you’ve added on your page.

Drive more engagement

Share your .bio page 

Your new Link in Bio page is meant to be shared. Here are a few ideas for how you can start today.

  • Add it to all of your emails to help your subscribers find your content
  • Include it in the contact section of your resume
  • Link it in all all of your existing content platforms and channels 
  • Include it in your media kit  (If you don’t already have a media kit, Beacons has tips and tools for how to use and create a media kit from scratch)

Boost your email engagement 

With native email capture you can build your subscriber list right from your .bio page. 

The best way to boost engagement for your new subscribers is with a killer welcome email. Not sure what to include in your welcome email? Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered. Check out our guide to setting up your welcome email for step-by-step advice and email templates.

Claim your custom .bio domain today

Bring all of your digital content together with a Beacons Link in Bio. Claim a custom domain and remove Beacons branding with a Link in Bio Pro plan. Link in Bio Pro includes analytics, unlimited sub-pages and access to your own branded .bio domain. 

Claim your domain and get started today at!

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