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Let's explore best practices that can boost your chances significantly.

Twitch just hit 1164 billion watched minutes this year, courtesy of 8.8 million unique streamers monthly. It's one of the most popular platforms for creators to grow a following and monetize their content organically.

While Twitch's affiliate program isn't too difficult to join, the social media giant's prestigious Partner program is more exclusive. You can't get into this program overnight - it takes consistent hard work.

There are currently 51,480 Twitch Partners, which is a small fraction of the platform's total streamers. But while becoming a partner isn't easy, it's not impossible. If you're weighing all of your options, you might can learn about Twitch vs YouTube and other streaming platforms so you can decide where to focus your efforts.

If you're excited about becoming a Twitch Partner, let's explore best practices that can boost your chances significantly.

What is a Twitch partner?

Twitch Partners are creators that are part of Twitch's official partnership program. These creators produce high-quality content and already have a sizable following on Twitch or another content platform.

Twitch's partnership program is reserved for top content creators. The requirements are much stricter than those of their affiliate program. As a Twitch Partner, you get access to special growth features on the streaming platform, including:

  • Cheermotes
  • Custom Emoticons and Custom Emoticon Prefix,
  • Extended video-on-demand features (60 days vs. the 14 that affiliates get)
  • Access to a dedicated support team
  • Special promotion opportunities

Meeting affiliate requirements first

Becoming a Twitch Partner isn't easy - the Partner program has stringent requirements, and only the best streamers make the cut. The platform's affiliate program is much easier to join, though, so becoming an affiliate is a prerequisite for achieving Partner status.

To become a Twitch affiliate, you need to have:

  • At least 500 total minutes of broadcasting
  • At least 50 followers over the past month
  • Three or more concurrent viewers on average
  • Seven unique broadcast days

While these criteria are still difficult to meet, it's far more manageable than the partnership program. You'll need to work even harder to reach Partner status.

After you meet the requirements, Twitch sends you an invitation to their affiliate program via notification and email. They also announce it on your creator dashboard, so you don't miss it.

Twitch affiliates get access to helpful monetization features, including Twitch bits and the option to earn from game sales (by selling game items). Affiliates can also introduce subscriptions for their channels to monetize their following.

Becoming an affiliate is the first step on your journey to becoming a Twitch Partner. So after you hit the affiliate benchmark, take a moment to congratulate yourself!

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What are the requirements to be a Twitch partner?

Becoming a Twitch Partner takes hard work and consistency. If you are an aspiring influencer, you can read more about this in our tips for influencers to stay consistent that apply to all aspects of your creator career. When you're ready for this partnership, the requirements for getting certified as a Twitch Partner are explained below.

Complete the Path to Partnership achievement

Okay, so the Twitch verbiage here is a bit dramatic. This step means that Twitch has a 'Path to Partner' achievement, which is part of their core criteria for becoming a Partner.

To get this achievement, creators have to stream for 25 hours on 12 different days, with an average of 75 concurrent viewers in a month. If you meet these conditions, an 'Apply' button will appear next to your achievements dashboard. This button lets you apply for the partnership program on a priority basis.

Fulfilling the Path to Partner doesn't guarantee Twitch partnership, but it's a step in the right direction.

Concurrent viewership counts

Twitch hasn't defined a specific number of concurrent viewers you need to become a Partner. But the 'Path to Partner" achievement requires 75 simultaneous viewers, so that's the bare minimum. Typically, an average of around 100-200 concurrent watchers should help you land a partnership spot.

Chat activity

If you think qualified streamers can get away with a couple of hundred inactive users, think again. Twitch actively looks for a high engagement rate.

An engaged audience is a testament to high-quality content and the value the creator delivers. The engagement criterion also makes it difficult for users to game the system, which is vital to guarantee everyone a fair chance.

Streaming frequency

Alongside making sure your viewers stay engaged, you also have to monitor regular streams and make sure they're of a reasonable length. Moreover, to qualify as a Partner, you have to maintain your streams to keep from falling below the minimum requirement. Stream frequency is a vital metric to keep an eye on.

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Being brand-safe

To qualify as a Partner, you have to produce appropriate, relevant content that conforms to Twitch's guidelines. Whether you stream games, music, or art, your content should comply with the platform's Community Guidelines, DMCA Guidelines, and Terms of Service.

Terms of services violations by you

Twitch takes violations of its guidelines very seriously. If you violate their community guidelines or terms of service, they'll suspend your eligibility for receiving monetary rewards.

Moreover, violating the terms of service also puts you at risk of losing your affiliate status. A severe violation can get your Twitch account banned altogether.

What are the benefits?

Twitch partners get access to many extra features and perks that regular streamers and even affiliates don't have.

Channel subscriptions & emotes

Similar to the affiliate status, Twitch Partners can earn money through introducing subscriptions for their channel. You can charge subscribers at any of the following levels  - $4.99, $9.99, $24.99, and Twitch Prime.

Along with channel subscriptions, Partners can also earn through emotes purchased by viewers in Twitch chat.

Running ads

Running ads is one of the most popular ways to make money on Twitch. As a Twitch Partner, you can run advertisements on your channel and gain ad revenue as passive income.

Channel customization

  • Custom Chat Badges - Partners can create custom Chat Badges for subs based on sub tenure.
  • Custom Emoticons - Partners can unlock up to 50 emote slots based on their total number of subscriber points.
  • Custom Emoticon Prefix - Partners can customize the prefix code in front of their emotes.
  • Custom Bit Badges and Cheermotes - Partners can offer their viewers custom Bit Badges and Cheermotes to encourage support.
  • Verified User Badge - Partners will have the Verified User Badge displayed on their accounts.

Access to Partner-only opportunities

Twitch has reserved certain benefits exclusively for Partners, including the options to 'Squad Stream' or 'Stream Delay.'

Additionally, while affiliates have to pay The Revenue Payout Fees (which depend on your payout method), Partners don't have to.

Young blonde man recording himself playing in a gaming chair. There is a black young man sitting next to him gaming.

The differences between Twitch Affiliate and Twitch Partner

The partner title is more exclusive than Twitch's affiliate status, with stricter requirements. Both affiliates and partners access features like ad monetization, channel subscriptions, unlocked cheering, game sales, and chargeback protection.

The Twitch Affiliate program gives streamers enough monetization features to make decent money. However, Twitch partners enjoy the best benefits, including custom cheermotes, a verified badge, priority support, Partner team access, and much more.

What to do if your partnership application is denied

If your partnership application is denied, don't worry, you haven't hit a dead end. You can reply to the rejection asking which particular metrics or criteria you failed to meet.

Then, you can work on fulfilling those requirements and eventually reapply. When applying the second time, share your improved stats as proof of your heightened Twitch streamer status.

Frequently asked questions

Twitch streamers aspire to grow their channels enough to become certified partners. Here are some common questions streamers have about the program.

How much do you make?

Twitch Partners receive 50% of their subscription payments revenue, with each subscription typically worth $4.99. Partners can also charge $9.99 or $24.99 for subscriptions, but these options are less popular.

Partners also make money through additional revenue options, like displaying ads on their channel or through sponsorship deals.

How hard is it to become a Twitch partner?

Becoming a Twitch Partner isn't easy; the requirements are pretty demanding, but, it's not impossible. You can set yourself benchmarks and gradually work towards the goal.

The first step is to reach affiliate status, which is easier to attain than Partner status. If your partnership application is rejected the first time, don't worry! You can improve on your metrics and apply again.

Can you get a partnership without 75 viewers?

Usually, no. First you'll need to figure out how to get more viewers on Twitch because need 75 viewers over a month to qualify for the 'Path to Partner' achievement, a requirement for Twitch's Partner program. However, if you have a large, engaged following on another service, Twitch may consider your application even if you don't meet this requirement.

Keep moving forward

Becoming a Twitch partner is the most prestigious achievement you can get as a streamer on the platform. Out of millions of Twitch streamers, there are currently only around fifty-thousand partners.

You can learn from the success of existing streamers and apply the principles they use to grow your own Twitch channel. The partnership program offers many benefits, including increased monetization opportunities, so it's worth working to achieve it.

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