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There are a few tools in place to engage your audience and grow your following. One of the most revolutionary tools is the simple swipe-up feature.

Remember when Instagram was just a bare-bones picture-sharing tool? Suffice it to say, the platform has evolved well beyond what it used to be. As it is now, Instagram has revolutionized the way creators and brands interact with their fans, providing multiple opportunities to establish more personal relationships.

Recently, Instagram announced new creators tools to help influencers monetize. However, there are a few tools in place to engage your audience and grow your following. One of the most revolutionary tools is the simple swipe-up feature.

Not being able to share clickable links in Instagram posts has frustrated both brands and creators for a long time. While third-party providers have worked to find ways around this with popular “link in bio” tools, Instagram also offers a swipe-up option to help creators interact with their fans.

The swipe-up tool isn't available to everyone, though, so read on to learn how you can get access to it.

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What is the Instagram swipe-up tool?

The swipe-up feature on Instagram Stories lets users swipe up to access the link attached without ever leaving the app. The tool has enhanced the efficiency of strategic marketing by providing a much more convenient way to access other sites. Previously, you would have had to tell your followers to click on the link in your bio, making for a tedious process that hindered user engagement.

What are the requirements?

The highly convenient and coveted Instagram story swipe-up tool may be the ideal feature to gain traffic on a web link, but it's reserved exclusively for top creators. To get access to Instagram's swipe-up feature, you need an Instagram Business Profile and have at least 10,000 followers. However, if you run a verified public account, you can use the feature regardless of your follower count.

How to add links to Instagram Stories

Thanks to the addition of links to Instagram Stories, you can better direct your traffic. This feature also helps foster engagement across other social media platforms by sending your traffic directly to them.

If you have 10K+ followers or a verified account

  1. When uploading to your Instagram Story, click the icon at the top right that looks like a chain.
  2. Click "+URL" to add a link to a web page.
  3. Type the URL into the text box.
  4. Click "Done" in the top right of the screen.
  5. When you're ready to publish, click the "+ Story" button at the bottom right.

If you have less than 10,000 followers:

Still growing your following? Don’t worry. There are still ways you can use links on your Instagram account.

Tell viewers to go to the link in your bio

A brief mention in your Instagram story about a link you've posted in your bio is great for driving engagement. Your viewers can easily click on your profile icon in the story to be directed towards your account and access the link in bio.

For more on how to write effective Instagram captions for stories and posts, check out how to write Instagram captions.

Hit 10k followers and apply for a business account

To officially meet the swipe-up criteria, set yourself a target of 10k followers and outline a strategy to reach the goal. After meeting Instagram’s conditions, a chain icon will appear in your Instagram Story, allowing you to add a link.

Use a link tool to promote multiple links (we recommend Beacons)

Instagram’s native link tool comes with conditions attached, but you can use external link services without restrictions. Link tools like Beacons are designed to grow your following and promote your content.

With Beacons, you can design a mobile site that collects all your important links on one page. This makes it easy for creators to promote their content with the help of a single custom link.

Use descriptive captions in your stories and posts telling people what to do

Your followers won't know what actions to take unless you tell them. You can guide your viewers to access a link by providing the relevant URLs and a step-to-step guide on exactly what to do. Uploading attention-grabbing captions on an Instagram post helps attract your audience and direct them towards taking action.

Use the shoppable sticker

The shoppable sticker available to Instagram users on their stories gives you access to a particular product on an ecommerce platform. You can also create a product catalog on Facebook and link a product on Instagram story. This feature is hyper-specific to providing direct access to viewers of the product attached.

Send links through DMs

The shoppable sticker available to Instagram users on their stories gives you access to a particular product on an ecommerce platform. You can also create a product catalog on Facebook and link a product on Instagram story. This feature is hyper-focused on providing direct access to viewers of the product attached.

Include links in IGTV descriptions

The description under an IGTV post lets you include multiple clickable links. Once you've attached the link, inform your audience so they remember to click ‘see more’ to access the link. Your IGTV channel is an excellent way to inform your followers of any updates through the title of your video or video description.

Hands holding a phone logining in to IGTV.

Introducing the new link button feature

Instagram expanded link sharing to all users, even those who don't have 10k followers. To use the link sticker, click the sticker tool when creating a story and select the link button. Here, you can paste a link that will show up on your stories for your followers to click. You can also customize the button text and colors!

Common questions about story links

For such a simple feature, there’s a lot of confusion about how story links work. Here are some of the common questions and answers about IG story links.

Why can't I add a link to my Instagram story?

Make sure your account meets the criteria set by Instagram for qualification to add links to your Insta stories. You need a verified Instagram business account with at least 10,000 followers to add links to your story.

Does Instagram let you add links to your story?

Yes, Instagram provides an option to add links to your Instagram Story by clicking the chain link icon. However, this feature isn’t accessible to everyone - you need 10k followers or a verified account to use it.

How do you use a link without 10k followers?

Adding a link to your Instagram Story isn’t an option made available for accounts with less than 10,000 followers unless they’re verified. However, different alternatives can help you share a link with your followers.

For example, you can ask your followers to respond to a story or leave a comment for the link. Or you can post a poll on your story to gauge interest in the link. Alternatively, renting an Instagram Story Ad is available to all, regardless of follower count or account type. Story ads are highly effective marketing channels, as they sport a longer lifecycle and Instagram users frequently view them.

Tips for growing your social following

Looking to grow your Instagram account? Here are all the ways that link options help creators out.

Use link tools to promote multiple social media accounts

Successful social media creators and public figures know that a multichannel presence increases credibility and boosts user engagement. With link tools, you can direct your Instagram followers to your Facebook page or your Twitter account and vice versa to broaden your outreach. Sync your followers across multiple channels!

Add a link to an IGTV video

IGTV lets you add longer videos while keeping the quality and resolution of the video intact. Additionally, high-profile Instagram accounts respond better to IGTV videos which encourages your revenue potential.

IGTV is also a great way to get your best content in front of new, fresh audiences, driving your follower and viewer count. With a link tool, you can increase your IGTV video views by directing traffic from other platforms.

Add a link to your Instagram Shop

Instagram has released a set of tools that allow you to display and customize your brand to be shopped by your followers. With Instagram Shop, you provide your viewers with a direct link to products or services advertised in your posts.

The feature lets your followers directly access the product page, creating a compelling marketable opportunity. By integrating your Instagram Shop with a link tool, you can keep your followers up to date with discounts, new releases, collaborations, or collections.

Link to your website

Directing your following to an external link has been made a lot easier both for creators and your followers. Now, followers just need to swipe up to access your website without ever leaving the Instagram platform. The feature has allowed Instagram creators to improve engagement on their external websites drastically.

If you're an affiliate, make sure to use your unique affiliate link

Whether it's a discount code or a product giveaway, an affiliate link helps engage your audiences. However, to reap the rewards of your efforts, you need to use your unique affiliate link and not the direct product link.

Affiliate links track the transactions and credit the creator for the interaction, so using them is crucial. Plus, ramping up engagement on your affiliate links attracts more high-profile accounts with a promise of broader reach. It also increases brand confidence and creates a marketable reputation because you'll have success metrics to show interested companies.

Grow with Beacons

Beacons is a mobile site builder that lets creators organize their best content and solves the problems that accompany link posting. With Beacons, you can:

Promote multiple links at once

Beacons lets creators organize all of their links in one central, beautiful mobile page. All your followers have to do is hit the link in your bio to view your mobile Beacons site, and they can access all your best content in one place.

Drive visitors to one location

Amassing social media traffic is a goal for any serious Instagram creator, but to reliably gain new followers, you need to convince visitors of the value you provide. With Beacons, you can put all your most relevant and valuable content in a single place, making it easy for new visitors to instantly see what you have to offer.

Grow all your social channels

Growing multiple social media platforms can be challenging, but if you're a serious creator, odds are you're already using multiple channels. With Beacons, you can streamline your efforts and grow all your channels by syncing your traffic across channels. Your centralized mobile site can showcase the best or latest content from each platform.

Get more link features

Growing your Instagram profile can be tricky, but Instagram is continually rolling out new features to help creators succeed. While the Instagram swipe-up feature isn't available to everyone, Beacons is. The third-party tool helps you promote your links and stand out from the competition with responsive mobile sites.
Trying out Beacons' free plan won't cost you a penny, and our AI designs a beautiful mobile site just for you. Get started now to see how Beacons helps creators engage their audiences in new ways.

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