Sep 16, 2021

Get your custom domain through Beacons

Looking to truly make your Beacons page your own? Check out our custom domains offering.
Jessica Li
Chief of Staff

Through purchasing a custom domain, you can change your website link to any domain of your choosing. Your page can then be truly customized from link to appearance! 🚀

Learn more about how Beacons pricing plans empower creator monetization by offering custom social media tools for content creators and influencers. Specifically, you can: 💪

  • Use a custom domain with your Beacons page for just $10/mo
  • Buy a custom domain through Beacons for as little as $4 (for first time purchasers)
  • Link domains that you already own (i.e., that you bought elsewhere prior) to your Beacons page
  • Get set up services and support for any domain(s) you purchase through Beacons

To purchase a custom domain,

  • Navigate to "site settings" in the top right hand drop down after clicking on your profile image
  • Follow the 2 steps under "custom domains" at the top left

And voila - you're all set with your own custom domain and site! ❤️

Share your custom domain pages with us via Twitter and Instagram! We're excited to see what you've built 🥳

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