7 ways to engage your super fans

Jessica Li
Chief of Staff
Super fans can be your most influential advocates. They can amplify your brand far and wide and stick with you through thick and thin.

What is a super fan?

Super fans are your most engaged and loyal fans. They engage with you across all your social media platforms, never miss a single post, buy your merch, and want to know everything about you.

Super fans can be your most influential advocates. They can amplify your brand far and wide and stick with you through thick and thin. So it's crucial to recognize and reward your super fans and ensure they maintain and grow their engagement with you and your brand over time.

Tips to better connect with your audience

Here's 7 ways to better engage your super fans:

1. Give them early access

Have a video, blog post, or new product line going out? Give your super fans first dibs. Let them be the first to read and engage with your new content and projects. 1️⃣

2. Promote their work

There's nothing more meaningful to a super fan than feeling heard and appreciated by their favorite creator. Follow your super fans, check out what they're working on and sharing, and promote their content too. 🗣️

When your super fans share your posts, reshare their shares!

Beyond resharing, you can also like or comment on your super fans' content as a lower lift way to show your recognition and support. 👍

3. Spend time with them

Let your super fans book 1:1 calls with you (you can do so with the Beacons appointments block!). Super fans want to get to know you and be a real part of your life. Even a 10 minute call would mean the world to them and strengthen your connection with your super fan community. 👯

4. Incorporate their feedback

Ask for your super fan's perspective! After all, they make up a vocal part of your fan base. Read their thoughts and integrate their ideas. Super fans love to feel like they can have an impact on the content their favorite creators create. Involve your super fans in your creation process - your content will be better received (since you're incorporating real audience feedback!) and your super fans will love it and your brand even more since they truly feel they had a hand in creating it. 👂

5. Give gifts

Host a giveaway! It's a great opportunity to incentivize your super fans to further share you and your work and to reward them. Beyond giveaways, you can surprise some of your super fans with gifts (gift cards, hand written notes, or your favorite products). 🎁

6. Help them

Ask your super fans what their biggest challenges are and provide advice and possible solutions. Make valuable intros for them or share resources. 🆘

7. Give them an identity

Lady Gaga gave her super fans a name and a community - Little Monsters. With that, she's built one of the biggest and most loyal fan bases of all time. Help your super fans not only feel more connected to you but also more connected to each other and a group, idea, and set of values bigger than themselves.  ❤️

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